The whole idea is to produce artisan items of paramount quality and out of the ordinary. They are all 100% hand made, raw material of highest quality, meticulous attention to detail is paid. Once they have passed rigorous inspection, they are ready to leave the bench.

BRUSHES… the handles are made of liquid glass, dyed during the casting into cylinders, and led to the lathe for turning.
OR wood. Oak, cherry, olive, and so many others. Thoroughly dried first, stabilized, we pick the right pieces to exploit the grain aesthecically and off to the lathe.

HYBRID… might be a mixture of resin and wood, might embed a fir cone, sea shell, coffee beans, there’s no limit to human imagination. Obviously, making is a lot more complex as we normally have to multi-cast before lathing but we gladly take good care of it.

Of course, no matter what the material might be, sanding and polishing will keep us busy for quite a while. Hair is either silver tip badger, or high class synthetic. We ended up in these two materials only as we felt that making concessions would have defeated the initial purpose. A large part of the workshop idea is unique products. We are not fond of repetition, our brushes are all different. Furthermore, we welcome your ideas. Tell us what you want and we’ll make it. Design, if you wish, your dream brush and contact us to see the details together. Combine materials, colors and forms you own unique way and order your collector’s item brush.


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