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Sworn wet shavers with an ardent anticipation for our next shave.We understand perfectly well that every method and every product related  to shaving has its place in the market. However, weighing the pros and cons in each case we find traditional wet shaving far superior, suitable for all gents, preferred by many.


Have all been extensively tested and evaluated personally before they earn a place on the shelf.

Being wet shavers ourselves we test for material and construction quality, efficacy, value for money and joy to use. In a nutshell, we are looking for products that we would gladly keep in our shaving dens. Needless to say that weaknesses in designing or manufacturing, loose quality control, or any type of defects equals to immediate disqualification. But rest assured, all the manufacturers we collaborate are well established in the market, widely known for several decades. In a nutshell, we only deal with the creme de la creme.


 Having said that, certain products are more suitable for certain types of shavers. We aim for happy customers. In order to find out what suits you best do not hesitate to ask as many questions, querries or recommendations as you wish.Our knowledge and long experience at your service.

And don’t forget…
Have a close shave, get a foxy smile.

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