All straight razors are delivered “shave-ready” to the customer. However, at some point your razor will need honing. We offer the first honing free of charge within twelve months after purchase for ALL straight razors. Shipping expenses is the customer’s responsibility.

Apart from this, honing services are available to all shavers at 10 (ten) euros per razor. So, if your beloved straight razor needs honing but you are doubtful about messing with it for fear of damaging it, just let the professionals do it for you.

We hone straight razors of all the manufacturers we stock and more; but not all. The reason or this reluctance is that some razors’ steel quality is inferior, therefore, it is virtually impossible to achieve the desired honing results. In other words, not worth the effort, not worth your money. In conclusion, if you need to have a straight razor honed made by other than the manufacturers we stock, always contact us first.

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